Nonlinear storytelling in projection mapping with the subject of tenderness, love and sudden transformations of the individual. It translates the feelings and values ​​into audiovisual language, strengthening and recovering personal bonds.

Project Thesis | Inspiration, development creative process and full written Storytelling in Portuguese
Project Characteristics and Divisions​​​​​​​
Each item from the brainstorm was divided into seven great areas that describe and contain the entire Anatropi project, whether they are the features used in sound, projection, installation, visual identity, branding and creation of the report. One or more items could belong to more than one area at the same time.
The project, after being divided into seven groups of characteristics, is also divided into three independent moments, remarkable and summarised moments of the Storytelling. 
Each moment has keywords that were used as a basis for transmitting the intonation necessary for the story, using as a guideline and becoming the main elements.
Mapping Animation and Graphic Elements 
The projection was one of the last element to be created, by its dependence on other parts of the project, such as the form and proportion of the built installation, the feelings and the beats that came with the sound design. Each part has its own characteristics, references and the basic design:
Graphic Elements 
Moment 1 | Loneliness
Contour, geometric shapes - lozenges, colour degrade;

Moment 2 | Revulsion
Filming, flashes, leaving the installation, colour varieties;

Moment 3 | Tenderness
Smoke, run of colours, overlays.
Art Instalation​​​​​​​
The Greek name Anatropí = Reviravolta = Revulsion (Ana = Cima = Up; Tropítrops = Volta = Turn) came after the final sketch of the installation inspired by Loopings.
Screenshot of the song finished on Fruit Loops
Sound Design
Sound Design in collaboration with Pedro Pinhata
Moment 1 | Loneliness
The Introduction, where lull and solitude walk together. It is a confused feeling, where happiness becomes replaced with depression. A contained happiness.

Moment 2 | Revulsion
The twist, a sound of the Dubstep. Where everything is out of control and frantic. There is no shame, limitations and standards. The discovery of the feeling Love.

Moment 3 | Tenderness
The soul filter. The contemplation of information during the Part 2 Revival, intersecting with the lull of the first part. Sobriety and ethics. A potential on the rise. The conclusion, the tenderness.

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