Can creation and roleplaying of gender-free characters bring personal change?

A workshop focused on the creation and role-playing their own character regardless of gender norms. Applying techniques from drama coaching, invisible theatre and drama therapy, to allow participants to achieve personal changes and identity fulfilment.

All thinking, design, management and production made by @eleajota
The workshop consisted of 3 steps exercises and activities focusing on reflection, character brainstorm and roleplay their creation in real-life situations.
Participants are encouraged on embracing areas from character creation such as appearance and mannerisms, thoughts about their own personality, behaviour, style, smell, voice and other forms of presentation.
All participants were asked to keep a personal reflective diary throughout the workshop as a way of recording the personal development process undergone. With that in hands, I compiled in a small and concise booklet named as "Character Card" all the changes that happened during the 3 days online workshop.
The 'Satellite's Eye' picture is a higher contrast image of your inner 'weather'/world and your character view of their life

- Red Areas are where you feel you're not doing well as you could be according to your standards.
- Blue area's are your strengths relative to your standards and are where you feel you are most accomplished
Blue/Green areas are where you feel your skills, capacity or knowledge are average according to your standards
- Areas with white hues that appear very reflective or shiny are your 'beaten tracks' where you have settled into a habit but where hidden possibilities may be buried ­challenging or supportive.

You can get a 'weather' image for yourself by logging on at
Participants from 4 continents, countries such as: Australia, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Japan, Philippines, 
Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.
If you were to ask me if I want to become my character someday, I would definitely say yes. I like how carefree it acts, how confident it is, and how settled it is in life. I want to achieve that state of mind someday, and enjoy a simple life completely satisfied. I guess living in a big city now, where there are pressures both financially and personally, does affect my way of thinking, and so playing my character made me escape from my current thinking!”

Participant based on the Philipines

"Creating and roleplaying the character caught my attention that it’s not simple to visualise a gender-free character, not only because we are tight to these concepts, but mainly because we need something to hold on to, something visual that gives identity to this character and ties it all together... I associate every aspect of my character to royal blue: the name (lázuli), the mood, the clothing. The whole experience is visualised with this colour, in a similar way that gender works for society. But colours are much better, since there is a whole range to explore, right?"

Participant based in New York

Collaboration with actors, coach, crossdresser and psychologist took part during the workshop as a form of support for participants. Exercises related to photography as expression and role-playing in daily life was part of the intervention.
“There is a massive spectrum of genders. There are not just two binaries, is a whole spectrum, 
and the more neutral make that, better for everybody. It’s brilliant.” - Daniel Lackey

"The best about being a character is that you find yourself that you never thought of doing, being, expressing. 
This project will change their life for sure." - Allegra Ceccarelli     

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